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Check Out Desert Bus for Hope: Earning Money for Charity in the Worst Game Ever

If you like games and helping children (and we’re not sure why you’re even here if you don’t…), we invite you to join in one of our favorite November traditions and help out the awesome nerds over at


Loresworn Does NaNoWriMo! – Spheres on Hiatus Until 2016

Loresworn Order’s illustrious authors and Beyond co-creators T.J. and D.M. are participating in National Novel Writing Month! D.M. will be churning out a draft of Justice: Book Two of the Aidan Grayson Saga, and T.J. will be… making some amount of headway on the research-intensive historical fantasy beast that is Merlin: Book One of the Dragon Cycle. Be sure to follow @LoreswornOrder on Twitter to keep up with our progress and exploits!

Due to this large time commitment, our short story series, Spheres, will be going on hiatus until early 2016. Get caught up with the story so far!

Let us know if you’re participating as well. We’d love to hear about your stories!


LSO Plays Shadowrun Dragonfall: Part 1

We’re playing through a whole bunch of awesome games with stories that were memorable and inspiring to us. Our current subject is Shadowrun: Dragonfall. We’ll discuss it section by section as we go, and we’d love to have you guys play along and add your thoughts. This week, we get the party started with the Harfeld Manor and Das Kesselhaus runs.

We encourage you to leave your own thoughts in the comments. If you’re playing along with us, play up through the end of the Humanis compound by next Monday, November 9.

SPOILER WARNING: These discussions will contain spoilers, but only for the section we played this week. So if you’re following along, you don’t have to worry.