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Crusader Kings II: The Shadow Council All Day on Twitch! – Loresworn LIVE

We’re streaming the latest expansion for Crusader Kings II, Conclave, all day at! Conclave adds a ruling council to the medieval grand strategy game of warfare, intrigue, and family drama. What our council doesn’t know is that we won’t actually be heeding their advice. Instead we’re turning to… the Internet. Keep an eye on @LoreswornOrder and @AsaTJ on Twitter to vote on the Shadow Council!

Stream starts at 8 a.m. PST!


Totally Towable: A video account of our crazy, cross-country move

In the fall of 2015, we moved from the Bay Area in California to Northern Colorado to establish the home base of the Loresworn Order. This totally-not-emulating-any-famous-British-car-shows presentation is an account of that journey. Enjoy!


Loresworn Order Podcast #002: Year of the Wookiee

D.M., T.J., Chloe, and Brianna returned to the podcast mic over the holidays to discuss Star Wars: The Force Awakens, our favorite stuff of 2015, and… yeah, it’s mostly Star Wars. If you haven’t seen it by now, any and […]


Best Female Characters in Film of 2015

I’m probably the only person eagerly awaiting the Oscar nominations. Yes I’m that film nerd. But this time of year always makes me want to look back over the last year of movies and make sure I didn’t miss anything good. This year was a great year for women in film, in particular. We still have a ways to go—toy makers still leave us out of their franchise sets, and men still dominate casts, production teams and writing rooms. But there were a lot of silver screen stories featuring strong, awesome ladies in the past twelve months. These are my top ten favorite characters brought to life in 2015.