Archive: February 2016 - The Loresworn Order


Crusader Kings II turns four – We’re streaming all day and giving away a copy!

Four years ago today, a little game called Crusader Kings II was released from a relatively unknown group of hardcore strategy wizards, Paradox Development Studio. Since then, it has eaten around 1000 hours of my time and become almost mythical in its countenance. To celebrate this auspicious occasion, we’ll be streaming feudal intrigue and warfare all day! We even have a copy of the game to give away if we reach a certain viewer threshold!

Stream starts at 8 a.m. PST on


Story Circle: Here There Be Monsters

This story is not like other stories. It is a fable, written by all of us… but with only limited information.

Here’s how our Story Circle works: One of us begins the story, writing a paragraph. Then we send the last sentence of that paragraph to the next person in line, and they write a paragraph. The cycle continues until we feel we are finished. Then we compile the paragraphs into one epic, inevitably disjointed story for your reading amusement. Enjoy!