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Galactic Chronicles Preview: The United Global Alliance

“The time has come to make good on the promises of our forebears. John F. Kennedy once said something about doing things not because they are easy, but specifically because they are hard. My father once said that the only things worth doing tend to be tough. That speaks to me. It should speak to you too. What we’re doing isn’t just the next great leap for mankind, for humanity: It’s also the toughest thing we’ve ever undertaken. Putting aside our differences, surviving our conflicts, saving our planet, all those challenges pale in comparison to accessing the final frontier stretched before us. But our future is beyond that event horizon. The future of humanity. It won’t be easy. But that’s why we’re doing it. Mankind has leveled up, and it’s up to us to prove we’re up to a whole new level of challenge. To your posts.”

-Siegfried Hoffman, the first Alliance captain to ever take a crew beyond Sol


Loresworn Order Podcast #004: In Space, No One Can Hear Justice Dawning

In this episode, Chloe and Dylan go head to head on Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. We also discuss our plans for the launch of Stellaris and definitely don’t encourage anything underhanded to get on the New York Times Bestseller List.


Galactic Chronicles Preview: The Athirova

“Beyond today, when this vessel breaks the atmosphere, you are all Yasha. Some have already had this caste placed upon you by the Sa-Raaya for crimes against Harmony. Others of you have chosen to sacrifice your birth caste in service to the Athirova. A Yasha is one who has lost their way. But as beings within whom Harmony and Disharmony forever struggle, you are the only Athirova fit to travel beyond our holy world and face the Disharmony that waits to be quelled between the stars. Outcastes and saviors will you be. Only the impure may purify the galaxy.”


Galactic Chronicles Preview: Our Galaxy

Galactic Chronicles: Stellaris will take place in a procedurally-generated galaxy with many random elements. As such, we can’t yet say exactly what kind of story will emerge, nor what themes will present themselves. Here is what we can reveal so far.


Viking’s Log: February 7 – April 8, 2016

Viking’s Log is T.J.’s ongoing audio blog on Soundcloud. Each episode is between four and ten minutes, and covers topics mainly relating to gaming and pop culture. This batch was recorded between February 7 and April 8, 2016.


Loresworn Order Podcast #003: Alternate Histories

In this Episode We discuss the pros and cons of A Modest Proposal and Zombies, the perils of dating in Japanese occupied America. We then examine key points in the timeline that could be changed to create a delicious alternate […]