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Best Games of 1991

D.M.’s Picks, #5 – #2

5. Final Fantasy IV

The first final fantasy title with a truly epic storyline, Final Fantasy 4 stands out for its impressive, turn-based combat, and for tugging at the heart strings. It told a multi-faceted tale, allowing a group of distinct and compelling characters with their own drama to bond with the audiences as they saved the world. Games like Final Fantasy started really raising the bar for story in this era.

4. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge

Just as good as the original, and prettier to boot, Monkey Island 2 resurrected the humor and charm of the first game, and added to it. It made you think, and it made you laugh. I wish more games would aim for those two objectives.

3. Mega Man 4

This series kept getting better and better through it’s iterations, and this was the masterpiece, in my opinion. It all came to a head, here: the signature platforming, the challenge, and the battle of wits that each boss represented. Mega Man 4 is a gem.

2. Street Fighter II

This game represented community for so many. With a great variety of fighters, each posing their own challenges en route to mastery, players picked their favorites and competed head-to-head for hours – yours truly included. This multiplayer experience, and the stories it spawned, were a “Wow!” moment unto themselves.

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