Archive: May 2017 - The Loresworn Order


Clea Cosplay – Update #1

At long last I have found time to really get started on my Clea cosplay! The body suit was the first step and was super easy to make. It was my first time doing a garment like this, and I’m really happy with how it turned out.


Toph Beifong Cosplay – Update #1

Finally, the Toph is back! It took us a bit to relax our high working hours and get settled into our new place. I am quite excited to pick this cosplay back up again and wear it to Denver Comicon. My overall goal for this cosplay is to wear it to Children’s Hospitals when we finish our “Avitar: The Last Airbender Series”.


Toph Beifong Cosplay: Pattern Modification

Brianna (@ulvogravn) modifies a store bought pattern for her Toph Beifong Cosplay. Look for more videos showing the development of this cosplay coming soon!


PDXCon Wrap-Up and Streaming News – Loresworn Checks In 7

T.J. (@AsaTJ) is back from PDXCon, Brianna (@ulvogravn) has cosplay news, we’re bringing streaming back, and Kaycee the Sad Cone Dog (@IAmNotOnTwitterIAmADog) is still ridiculous.


Best Games of 1992

Welcome to the fourth entry of our series on the best games of all time! Since Loresworn has only been around since 2015, but D.M. and T.J. have been having opinions about games much longer than that, we’re embarking on a journey through every year from 1980 to the present, listing our favorite games that came out each year. Every week we’ll be discussing a specific year, listing what we think are the five best games from that year. At the end of this saga, we will look over all the games from each year to create Top 25 Games of All Time lists for each of us, and a grand Top 100 Games of All Time to stand as Loresworn’s final word on the subject!


Building the Studio

At last, the Order has a proper work studio that is not a third bedroom of an apartment! We are extremely lucky to have found a place with an attached, two-car garage, which has given us enough space for a glorious amount of sawdust, and several cosplays in the works. And of course, Kaycee, the Loredog, gets to hang out and guard against the various bunnies and mice when the door is open.


Talk Shop 7 – Best Games of 1991!

D.M. (@DMSchmeyer) and T.J. (@AsaTJ) discuss their favorite games of 1991 as part of our recurring feature on the best games of every year from 1980 – Present, culminating in our definitive list of the Best Games of All Time!