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Toph Beifong Cosplay – Update #1

Finally, the Toph is back! It took us a bit to get settled into our new place and get the cosplay projects going again, but I am quite excited to pick this back up again and wear it to Denver Comicon. My ultimate goal is to wear it to children’s hospitals when we finish our “Avatar: The Last Airbender” series and can go out as a group!

With all the materials purchased, it was time to modify the pattern and cut out the fabric. Something told me to drape the upper pieces of the pattern on the dress form, and I am glad that I did. (By the way, we made our own dress form custom fit to our size. You can see how we did that HERE!) With everything lined up, the back seems to not conform to the curve of my back, there is quite a poof. So I decided that I didn’t want to have a seam running down the back (which is what this pattern requires), so instead, the back fabric is going to be all one piece with a dart added for curvature. The dart will easily be hidden behind the white cover/tunic that Toph wears. I will be taking a risk by just sewing it together without modifying the pattern pieces, then altering later. But I am taking this route because I have lost weight since I made that dress form and there is a chance that this issue will not be as apparent when finished.

Since I want to make this cosplay as authentic as possible, I intend to line the garments to give it a better weight and reduce transparency with the green fabric. This is definitely going to take extra time to make the seams look clean with top stitches, and it requires double of each pattern piece to be cut out. For the top, I changed the shape of the neckline by altering the pattern with extra tissue paper. The neckline in the original pattern is too low cut and doesn’t have the layered look to it. Also, the sleeves on the original pattern are obviously too long, so it was pretty simple to just cut the pattern shorter.

I now have all the pattern pieces cut. I ran out of green fabric for the pants, so I will need to buy more before proceeding. In the next work session, I will focus on getting the pants patterned (off of jeans that fit me well) and draping the white tunic/cover. I am still not sure what to call it!

Stay tuned for more updates! Click on the link below to see all of the work in progress!

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