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Clea Cosplay – Update #2

The Clea cosplay saga continues! With this update I painted the bodice, constructed the cloak, and agonized over making gloves.

In my original design, I had planned to paint circles on the bodice. I have been worried about this part because I was not quite sure how the painting would turn out. After several trials with two different paints and brush techniques, I got the bodice painted and I’m very happy with how the circles turned out! They turned out better than expected with just regular acrylic paint and a foam brush. Ironically, the specialty fabric paint I purchased did not work nearly as well.

Next up was the cloak. My overall goal for this piece is to have a layered and sheer cloak enhanced with LED lights. The first hurdle was to make a wire frame substantial enough to hold up the fabric and attach to the bodice. A good old wire clothes hanger fit the bill, and with some fancy bending, I ended up with the shape I needed. Since I was still in the experimental phase with this cloak, I just hand tacked several layers of fabric to the wire. It was obvious at that point that the wire needed to be hidden more since the fabric on the inside of the cloak was quite transparent. This was a simple fix by just wrapping some of the darker cloak fabric around the wire. Once I had the frame fully sewn into the cloak, I tried experimenting with the LED wire lights I had purchased. Even though I tried not to purchase the cheapest set out there, they did not turn on or function. This is a bummer because this particular product includes a remote which will be very handy when in costume to turn them on and off. Until the exchanged package of lights come back, I shifted my focus onto making the sheer gloves.

If you think gloves are easy to make, think again. (You can witness the anxiety I had with making the glove pattern and cutting the fabric by watching our live cosplay stream!) I took inspiration for how to make the glove pattern from Pinterest. I saw others actually sew their gloves together onto tissue paper (which acts as the pattern), and then just carefully rip the tissue paper off. This turned out to be pretty effective!
That is all for this update! Make sure to click on the link below to see more about this cosplay!

About Chloe Elizabeth

Chloe is The Order’s drama queen. Since todlerhood she’s been organizing others into various story-telling ventures from theater to film. In college she founded a small non-profit that used film production as a youth development platform. Post college, and in between productions, Chloe advocates for arts education programs. She is currently loving life as an administrative assistant at Pop Culture Classroom, a private tutor, a moonlighting screenwriter and a some-time actor.

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