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Brianna’s Favorite Artists from Denver Comic Con 2017

I am always really impressed with the talent on display at conventions like Denver Comic Con, and this year’s artists really seemed to have put their hearts and souls into their work! The Order is all about supporting local and upcoming artists, […]


What is a Makerspace?

The old school artists’ commune has fallen by the wayside these days. Art is moving into a digital age, and our economy is seeing a growing deficit for skilled, work-with-your-hands kinds of jobs. But with schools finding themselves hard up for funding in art and craft apprenticeship learning, and colleges focusing on profit-driven programs, kids and creatives find themselves with diminishing resources to experiment, create and ultimately learn “maker” skills. To address this void, across the United States, a maker movement has emerged. It’s homegrown, DYI-friendly, and all about inspiring creativity across mediums and all ages.


Best Games of 1996

We’re back after taking a week off for Denver Comic Con with the seventh entry in our series on the best games of all time! Since Loresworn has only been around since 2015, but D.M. and T.J. have been having opinions about games much longer than that, we’re embarking on a journey through every year from 1980 to the present, listing our favorite games that came out each year. Every week we’ll be discussing a specific year, listing what we think are the five best games from that year. At the end of this saga, we will look over all the games from each year to create Top 25 Games of All Time lists for each of us, and a grand Top 100 Games of All Time to stand as Loresworn’s final word on the subject!