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Brianna’s Favorite Artists from Denver Comic Con 2017

I am always really impressed with the talent on display at conventions like Denver Comic Con, and this year’s artists really seemed to have put their hearts and souls into their work! The Order is all about supporting local and upcoming artists, so I wanted to take a moment and highlight some of my favorite art that caught my eye the most on the show floor. Make sure to click on the images to view this wonderful art in its full glory!









Dymond Starr Illustrations

Talk about beautiful! My eye was immediately drawn to the quality of the light and dark balance in her work. Art like this makes me wonder how many hours it takes to get the image to its final incarnation. The illustrations on her website are inspired by gods of mythology and the Valar from J.R.R. Tolkien’s universe. Please make sure to visit her WEBSITE, SHOP, and INSTAGRAM!









Meg Kirkpatrick

I am still obsessed with her Groot mandala illustration! She had it printed on sheet metal, which makes the image completely pop. Her sharp attention to detail and portrait illustrations are stunningly alluring. She has a wider range of illustrations than what I have shown here that are very much worth checking out. Please be sure to visit her WEBSITE, SHOP, INSTAGRAM!











Michael Matsumoto

Besides the fact that I am a sucker for anything Avatar: The Last Airbender, I was drawn to Michael’s booth by the sheer talent that was screaming at me through the crowd. Michael has a fantastic portfolio of concept art and illustrations that are just mesmerizing! To see his amazing work, be sure to visit his WEBSITE, and INSTAGRAM!

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Brianna Hafer is a proficient photographer, graphic designer, aspiring silver/blacksmith, and crafter of various awesome things in many media. As the Master Artisan of the Order, she is responsible for graphics, design, and color management.

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