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Read Watch Vent: Harry Potter – 1

Welcome to the Loresworn book/movie club: Read Watch Vent! Here we will discuss great works of film television and literature and revel in the ways in which they intersect. Each month will have a different theme or book series that we are covering.


Lorecipes: Oregon Trail Chili

No joke – this chili was served on barn raising and harvest days by my great grandparents during their time as homesteaders in Nebraska. Its an easy, hearty chili that can be made more or less spicy depending on how much of a kick you’re looking for.


Best Games of 1998

We’re back with the eighth entry in our series on the best games of all time! Since Loresworn has only been around since 2015, but D.M. and T.J. have been having opinions about games much longer than that, we’re embarking on a journey through every year from 1980 to the present, listing our favorite games that came out each year. Every week we’ll be discussing a specific year, listing what we think are the five best games from that year. At the end of this saga, we will look over all the games from each year to create Top 25 Games of All Time lists for each of us, and a grand Top 100 Games of All Time to stand as Loresworn’s final word on the subject!

The Loresworn Order

The Loresworn Order cooks classy nerd noms in our latest feature!


Classy As F*** – Teriyaki Pineapple Steak With Rice

Watch D.M. teriyaki pineapple steak with a side of rice!


Introducing Read, Watch, Vent!

We are revamping our movie reviews section, and this new format lets you guys participate! The ladies of the Lorehouse – along with special guests (and the guys when they feel like it) – cordially invite you to our weekly […]


Lorecipes: Transmogrify your instant ramen

Ramen is here to stay as a nerd-home staple. Its instant, sodium-laced noodle broth is tasty but not always completely satisfying. If you’re looking for a little more heft to your ramen, here’s a quick guide for making a hearty, healthy meal out of your 10 cent packet.