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Loresworn Games of the Year 2017

D.M.’s Game of the Year

Persona 5

The Persona games have always done character and story brilliantly, sound design nearly as well, and provided gameplay that is good enough not to get in the way of enjoying the above. Persona 5 shatters the lofty standards the previous games of the series set and delivers a modern fantasy RPG that can only be described as a work of genius. The story tackles surprisingly heady themes and intense subject matter, and did so with twists and turns I couldn’t predict. I fell so deeply in love with my crew of Phantom Thieves that the end credits spurred in me a sense of nostalgic mourning stunning in its intensity. I would never go on this adventure for the first time with these characters again, and that was genuinely heart-wrenching. The soundtrack is spectacular, hum-along-while-you-play stuff, and the Persona series’ combat and dungeon-crawling gets a much appreciated level up. There was nothing about this game that wasn’t 10/10 material, making it an easy Game of the Year.

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