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School of Screen Time

This piece is part of a series on the intersection of gaming and education. Be sure to check out the first part, The Case for Screen Time.

The beauty of learning with games is that you learn while having fun. The challenge with making screen time double as learning time is, thus, that you can’t take the fun out of the game. This article is your crash course in turning game time into learning time. Next time, I’ll take these more general principles and begin applying them to specific games, but we’ll start with the basics.


The Case for Screen Time

Games have become an enormous part of the modern day for people of all ages. If you have kids, you probably ask yourself regularly how often they can or should consume this interactive media. But with new, shiny apps being developed daily, and computer, tablet, and phone screens becoming a more and more ubiquitous, how do you make those screens a positive part of their life, rather than a vortex of guilty pleasure? This was one of the big questions that I turned over and over as I attended the Denver Comic Con last weekend.