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Check Out Desert Bus for Hope: Earning Money for Charity in the Worst Game Ever

If you like games and helping children (and we’re not sure why you’re even here if you don’t…), we invite you to join in one of our favorite November traditions and help out the awesome nerds over at

Desert Bus for Hope is an annual fundraiser for Child’s Play Charity, which gets toys and games to kids in children’s hospitals all around the world. The hosts are forced to play Desert Bus, a deliberately, sadistically boring prank game created by none other than Penn and Teller. The object of the game is to drive from Tucson, AZ to Las Vegas, NV and back again… in real time… forever.

The more money that gets donated, the longer the crew has to play this awful, mind-numbing abomination of pixelated road tripping. Help out sick kids, and extend the suffering of some perfectly healthy adults. What’s not to like?

The ride begins this Saturday, November 14, at 10 am PST/11 am MST. As of the writing of this article, the team has already raised over $3200 and is on the hook to drive for 80 hours. But I think we can at least double that, if last year’s total of $643,242.58 is any indication.

There will be auctions, prizes, giveaways, and terrible karaoke along the way. We’ll be glued to the stream (when we’re not busy making awesome content), and we’d love for you all to join us.

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