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Clea Cosplay – Update #1

At long last I have found time to really get started on my Clea cosplay! The body suit was the first step and was super easy to  make. It was my first time doing a garment like this, and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Next, I needed to make some additions to the bodice. I decided to mock up the shoulder guards from my design in cardboard and then cut them out in foam. I used an adhesive glue to attach some of the fabric from the bodysuit to the foam so the costume would look more cohesive. After trying them onto my dress form, I decided that the shoulders didn’t look like enough on their own, so I ended up extending them down into a stomacher as well. I hand-painted the circles on the shoulders and am going to eventually add some more on the bodice.

Next up is going to be the cape. I’m having a hard time attaching everything, so I’m off to the store for a couple fasteners to try out and see which type works best. I also need to attach some additional support for the shoulders so they keep their shape. Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to check out the link below!

About Chloe Elizabeth

Chloe is The Order’s drama queen. Since todlerhood she’s been organizing others into various story-telling ventures from theater to film. In college she founded a small non-profit that used film production as a youth development platform. Post college, and in between productions, Chloe advocates for arts education programs. She is currently loving life as an administrative assistant at Pop Culture Classroom, a private tutor, a moonlighting screenwriter and a some-time actor.

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