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Coming Up: November 2017

Welcome to the second ever Lorepost! This month is going to be interesting even for us. Nanowrimo is in full swing at the Lorehouse, so expect us to be documenting our progress! A lot of focus has shifted lately onto Project Grayson, we didn’t get around to everything we wanted to in October. And with Brianna and T.J. gone for half of November, this is probably going to be a slower month. As such, we’re going to be temporarily putting Read, Watch, Vent and Classy as Fuck on hold until we can dedicate the time and energy that those two series deserve. Here is a list of what you can look forward to this month:


  • Conclusion of EU4: Gateway to an Asskicking
  • New EU4 series with the release of the Cradle of Civilization Expansion!
  • Preview of Crusader Kings 2: Jade Dragon
  • Toph Beifong Cosplay: Belt and Accessories
  • Roadtrip Compilation(s) (to be released near the end of November/beginning of December)


  • Toph Beifong Cosplay Update
  • Clea Cosplay Final Update


  • Photoshop Stream
  • (If time) Toph Beifong Cosplay Stream: Altering the wig

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