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Denver Comic Con

At Denver Comic Con 2016, the Order attended its first big event since Stellaris back in in May. It was miles upon miles of nerdy heaven, from the games, to the panels, to the glorious costumes. But for us, the most fun was had in the exhibit hall, where we had the privilege of meeting some of Colorado’s leading, innovating, and up-and-coming creative voices. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, this post will be chock full of them. Next year you should be in some of them with us!

All weekend, the excitement was tangible. As we got our bearings in the vast halls of the Denver Convention Center, we found the same, awesome community we remembered from last year: one interested in living out dreams, doing meaningful work, and building up a new generation of nerds.

Droids were in no short supply, as hobby to pro engineers had brought their new creations to delight young and old alike. Sphero has their new BB8 model ready to take home, but more exciting was the discovery that you can join a thriving community of droid techs right here in Colorado. So if you’re looking for a science fair project or just a new hobby, I can think of few things cooler than making your own working R2-D2 unit. Or if electronics aren’t your thing but striding into battle decked in hand-shaped metal and plastic is, you could join the Mandalorians and make your own awesome armor!

The hall abounded with opportunities to create.

People created moments…


Fought nemeses…


And met friends and heroes…


The Library was there, helping transport people into their favorite movies – and promoting their new makerspaces. If you’ve ever wanted to pick up a tool heavy hobby like woodworking, computer programming or 3D printing but don’t know how to afford the tools, you need to look up your local makerspace. Colorado has several of them and other states are developing similar spaces to promote creativity, teach marketable skills and bring new technologies to a wider audience.

The best part? So many of these creative people are on a mission to make their communities better. Are you in need of help or spice for your summer fundraiser? Call in one of the many Star Wars charity cosplay groups here. Bring in Vader’s 501st or the Rebel Alliance. Or if you’re in a more snarky gaming mood, call in the Umbrella Corps. You can also call in anyone from your own favorite universe if you call the guys over at CareActor Select. Chloe attended their panel on “Cause-play” and was blown away. Check them out because they are a great group of volunteers whose only goal is to help make kids smile as they bring the impossible to life for an afternoon.

The center of the Con was a massive area for kids. Pop Culture Classroom works to innovate curriculum that will inspire and empower kids by engaging them with real life subjects (math, engineering, writing…) through comics and other pop culture materials. If you’re curious check them out, or you can read our ongoing summer series ‘The Case for Screen Time‘.

Last but not least, our final day we spend almost exclusively in Author Alley chatting with local and indie authors. If you need a set of recommendations for summer book club or long flights, we have a fantastic list of recommendations for you. Click to the next page to check them out!

About Chloe Elizabeth

Chloe is The Order’s drama queen. Since todlerhood she’s been organizing others into various story-telling ventures from theater to film. In college she founded a small non-profit that used film production as a youth development platform. Post college, and in between productions, Chloe advocates for arts education programs. She is currently loving life as an administrative assistant at Pop Culture Classroom, a private tutor, a moonlighting screenwriter and a some-time actor.

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