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Galactic Chronicles Preview: Our Galaxy

“When the Athirova first took to the stars, it was with great purpose. Having achieved enlightenment on our own world, we believed that the source of the Disharmony that still plagued our minds and dreams must lie in the dark spaces beyond. Only by seeking it out and removing its influence would true Harmony be free to reverberate through the spirits of all our people.”

“When humanity first took to the stars, it was a shot fired in a war of ideals. Mankind’s oldest wars were of philosophies and strictures, and though history felled both states and tyrants, disparity remained within men’s hearts. The chance to journey beyond the reach of our sun represents a chance to bind all of mankind together in brotherhood and purpose. Out amongst the heavens, we may yet find the answers to our oldest and newest questions.”

“When our ancient ancestors first took to the stars, we were so naive. We knew not what we would find. We knew not what we meddled in. Even now, more children stumble out of their atmospheric wombs to join us, to retread familiar mistakes across the firmament where our footprints already lie heavy. We must not allow them to press too closely to the doors we nearly cast open…”

Galactic Chronicles: Stellaris will take place in a procedurally-generated galaxy with many random elements. As such, we can’t yet say exactly what kind of story will emerge, nor what themes will present themselves. Here is what we can reveal so far:

  • Galaxy Type: Four-arm spiral, 1000 stars. We want the maximum amount of playable space while simulating the layout of our own Milky Way.
  • Empires: Two Players, 16 AI. We want to create the sense of a boundless, mysterious galaxy. Thus, we are adding relatively few sentient species to increase the distance between spawn locations and lengthen the initial, exploration phase of the game. Each race should have a large, established empire before bumping into a neighbor in most cases.
  • Those Who Came Before: Four of the AI empires in our galaxy will be Ascendant, receiving a head start bonus to create interesting, powerful friends or enemies with more advantages on their side than we (and the other 12 AI races) will receive initially. This is in addition to the aloof, technologically imposing “Fallen Empires” that Stellaris will add without our input.
  • FTL Travel Method: Wormholes Only. One of our biggest inspirations for the tone and mood of Galactic Chronicles is the Mass Effect series, so we are restricting the races of our galaxy to only being able to move between systems using structures called wormhole stations. This will create interesting avenues for strategic warfare, allowing small forces to cut off whole regions from exploration or reinforcements by destroying enemy wormhole stations. It will also increase the resource cost of FTL in general, while simultaneously freeing up module slots on our starships and creating deadlier combat vessels (the ships we build won’t have to account for onboard FTL generators, since the stations do the heavy lifting).

We’re excited to share this unfolding space opera with you. Galactic Chronicles: Stellaris begins the week of May 9. Check back later this week for info on our custom races!

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  • Nathan Bohn
    Apr 18, 2016 @ 17:51 pm

    The humans should become Space Fascists at some point and set about to build a galactic empire modeled after Rome/The Galactic Empire. Hail Space Caesar (hopefully?)!

    • Apr 19, 2016 @ 11:48 am

      That’s up to how D.M. wants to run them. And also, quite possibly, how his pops want him to run them.

  • Red Death
    Apr 19, 2016 @ 14:40 pm

    As a side comment on not having input on the number of Fallen Empires: It was indeed missing from the galaxy creation screen last time we saw it, but I think they said those options were unfinished. Since they are such a large influence on the game I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to control how many are spawned.

    • Apr 19, 2016 @ 14:43 pm

      I hope so. That would actually be great. We’d probably only want one or two.


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