"Our Galaxy 

has proven to be a vast and wondrous place. But much as our own homeworld was in the past, it is a place tormented by great Disharmony. We shall continue into the unknown, speaking the Truth on each new world we touch. This will be no simple task, and one I am not likely to see come to fulfillment. But if I can set even one star of millions to singing in Harmony with our own, my time here will not have been wasted."

-Xaka, Athirovan Explorer of the Yasha caste


In Galactic Chronicles: Stellaris, T.J. and D.M. stream a multiplayer marathon of Paradox's sci-fi grand strategy/4X game, Stellaris, every other Monday and build an ongoing story based on the in-game events.

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c. -200,000

AYAAL: Anatomically modern Rashax evolve from flightless raptors in Ayaal’s temperate, equatorial regions.

EARTH: Anatomically modern humans evolve from bipedal great apes on Earth’s African continent.

c. -30,000

AYAAL: First settlement of primitive Rashax hunter-pastoralists in the Athir Mountains


c. -8,000


EARTH: Humans undergo a Neolithic revolution.

c. -6,000

AYAAL: Rashax undergo a Neolithic revolution.


c.  -3,500


EARTH: First urban civilization arises in Mesopotamia.

c. -3,000

AYAAL: First urban civilization arises in the Nenhah Highlands


c. -2,500

AYAAL: Nenhe-Kathic speakers migrate into the Athir mountains, fighting and mixing with the natives to give rise to the Athirova culture


c. -2,000

AYAAL: Nenhah city-state begins subjugating its neighbors and rises to power



AYAAL: Athirovan monk Athanivxi composes Sa-Athnava, “The Truths”




AYAAL: King of Nenhah adopts Sa-Athnava, creates an advisory council of Athirova monks



AYAAL: First Schism as some Athirova agree to become a warrior caste and aid Nenhah’s conquests, others conscientiously object and are cast out as a diaspora.


-300 to 476


EARTH: The Roman Empire comes to dominate much of the known world.


AYAAL: Athirovan advisors have largely seized control of the Nenhah state, making the king a mere figurehead and creating a militant, imperialist theocracy




EARTH: Beginning of the Early Modern Period, sometimes also called the Renaissance.


AYAAL: End of the Era of Disharmony, as the Nenhah kingdom consolidates their conquests of the equatorial Fisher people and federates the remaining polar nomads. They now rule the majority of the known world.


1700s and 1800s


EARTH: The Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution begin to transform Earth into a global, scientifically-minded society.


AYAAL: The onset of climate change leads to a Little Ice Age, making the frigid moon even colder. Millions die, and political upheaval is widespread.


1914 to 1918


EARTH: The First World War topples most of the planet’s large, autocratic empires.


AYAAL: “The Rathishash” or Awakening, grips the civilized world and leads the Athirova back toward the original teaching of Athanivxi. A great period of war begins.


1939 to 1991


EARTH: The Second World War rocks the global order, and the following Cold War between democratic and communist powers catapults technology - including spaceflight - ahead at an astounding rate. The Information Age dawns, leading to rapid expansion of global communication.


AYAAL: The reformists prevail and found the governing council of Ayaal, the Sa-Raaya. The imperialist warrior-bureaucrats who opposed them are branded Yasha, “Those Who Lost Their Way”, and are placed at the bottom of a new caste system.





2012 to 2028

AYAAL: A leading member of the Sa-Raaya declares himself the Prophet-Emperor and Athanivxi’s living heir, beginning the 16-year War of the Archprophet. Both sides make massive technological strides to compete with one another.



AYAAL: Anti-autocratic faction prevails and upholds the Sa-Raaya’s right to govern. With war continuing to plague their people, the Athirova look to the stars to answer the question of what causes Disharmony.


2050 to 2100

AYAAL: The Athirova space program sends unmanned craft to the far corners of their home star system.

EARTH: Brushfire conflicts in the Middle East and Africa continue in the face of increasing globalization, while resources grow scarce and the planet faces increasingly harsh climate change.



EARTH: SBI (Silver Bullet Inc.), a pan-national energy conglomerate, is founded.

Early 2100s

AYAAL: The first manned missions to extraplanetary bodies take place. By directive of the Sa-Raaya, only Yasha may leave the holy homeworld, as they are already beings of Disharmony. Believing that the source of Disharmony ultimately lies somewhere in the void between the stars, those who are not Yasha (or not willing to become such by choice) are forbidden to risk their inner Harmony by being exposed to it.

EARTH: SBI brings affordable, renewable energy, civilian spaceflight, and private development of extraplanetary resources such as asteroid mining to the fore, spawning many competitors and leading to an economic boom unrivaled in human history.

At the same time, nuclear war breaks out between Earth’s remaining nation states over disputes including the ongoing question of global governance. The pro-globalists are ultimately victorious, but the war has a terrible impact on the planet, rendering many humans across the globe infertile.



EARTH: The United Nations is reformed into the United Global Alliance, unifying global economies and creating a strong executive and legislature to be elected by and oversee the member nations.



MARS: First permanent, extraplanetary habitation established on Mars - a small scientific-industrial complex with an enclosed environment, jointly owned by the UGA and SBI.

2176 AYAAL: The future First Seeker, Xaka, is born in a small village on the edge of the Great Veldt.  

Late 2100s

AYAAL: The degradation of the biosphere on Ayaal begins to accelerate at a worrying pace. It begins to seem that seeking answers among the stars might include seeking a new home. Research on faster than light travel is given prime priority in the face of possible extinction.

SOL SYSTEM: An alien data cache is found by a mining team on the Washington B-1 asteroid, containing the secrets to many, advanced technologies (including the basic principles behind generating controlled wormholes) and a directive to seek “Those Who Came Before”. Earth is rocked by this news, and humanity begins using its new, technological knowledge to prepare for interstellar exploration.


AYAAL: Wormhole technology is used to transport small amounts of matter over short distances. Construction begins on the first weftstorm generator large enough to send a whole ship to another star system.






ATHIROVA SYSTEM: The Kasnave, captained by First Seeker Xaka, becomes the first Athirova craft to jump to another star system using wormhole technology.



SOL SYSTEM: The first Marco Polo-class ship from Earth executes a wormhole jump to Barnard’s Star.


SOL SYSTEM: UGA intelligence officers discover that members of the fanatic religious sect called the Edenites, who oppose space travel and extraplanetary colonization, have infiltrated the military. Upon having been discovered, the Edenites escape Earth and make for Venus on a number of stolen corvettes.



SOL: The UGA 1st Fleet under William Decker engages and defeats the Edenites at the Battle of Venus.


KHAZATH SYSTEM: The third planet from the star Khazath is found to be habitable for Rashax by the crew of the Kasnave. It is home to massive glaciers, polar volcanic activity, and hostile wildlife.


SOL SYSTEM: UGA Marines arrest Edenite officers onboard one of the stolen ships and discover that the conspiracy reaches to the highest echelons of the military and government. Mass arrests take place on Earth and support for the space program and the manifest destiny it represents are at an all-time high.


EARTH: UGA election year. Industrialist Esteban Rodriguez (incumbent) is re-elected.


NAHIC SYSTEM: First Seeker Xaka encounters a mysterious void entity while commanding the Kasnave and slips into a coma.



NAHIC IIIa: The crew of the Kasnave uses strange machinery in an ancient temple complex on the frozen moon, Nahic IIIa, to heal the First Seeker. When the structure begins to collapse, he exhibits unexplainable abilities to aid in their escape… but is left physically crippled, and unable to use the abilities again.



EARTH: The first UGA interstellar colony ship, the O’Hare, is completed and colonists begin to be transported to its decks.


SIRIUS SYSTEM: O’Hare touches down on the third planet orbiting the star Sirius, and construction of the first interstellar human colonial habitation begins. The world is named Tokugawa.


ECYNTH SYSTEM: UGA scientists discover a neolithic civilization, the molluscoid Uthabulans, on the planet Chyy’ta, a desert world very close to the star. This is the first living confirmation that humans share the galaxy with other, sentient species.

The world also contains traces of an ancient, spacefaring proto-civilization, whose artifacts the natives regard with a religious reverence.


CHYY’TA: UGA scientists manage to recover artifacts of the six million-year-old Yuht Empire. Comparisons to the data cache found on Washington B-1 in the 22nd Century seem to suggest that these Yuht are “Those Who Came Before”, and may be at least partially responsible for the existence of sentient life on Chyy’ta.


SERREX SYSTEM: The crew of the Kasnave finds a mummified human pilot in a small, interstellar craft that has suffered catastrophic life support failure. This is the first confirmation for the Athirova that other sentient life exists in the galaxy.



EARTH: UGA Election Year. Heidi de Stephano elected.


UGA SPACE: A rise in organized space piracy causes concern among the admiralty.


AYAAL: First Seeker Xaka is taken into custody and interrogated on hiding his findings about the void beings from the Sa-Raaya.



BALWAR SYSTEM: The Balwar Incident. UGA survey ships encounter the spacefaring Yapathi Mandate. Shots are fired in a minor scuffle between the surprised vessels, setting a cold precedent between the two empires.



ATHIROVA SPACE: A group of Yasha calling themselves the Sa-Navlaaya rise up in protest to the First Seeker’s imprisonment, calling for an end to the Sa-Raaya’s governance of the stars they refuse to venture out among.


AYAAL: The Sa-Raaya appoint Haliaithax as First Hunter to deal with the Navlaaya threat.


EARTH: The Smithsonian Museum of Xenobiology opens.



TAVATHTE SYSTEM: The Sa-Navlaaya lure the First Hunter into combat while a covert team led by rebel Captain Ka-Iyara launches a daring raid with the Kasnave on the Sa-Raaya’s temple complex to free the First Seeker.



RANAKAX SYSTEM: The Conclave of the Sa-Navlaaya is held on the planet Thatixa, and Xaka is selected overwhelmingly as Raaya Ixis Yasha, “Wisest of the Yasha”, to rule over the Athirova dwelling off of Ayaal. The Conclave goes into hiding, and Xaka is returned to his ship to continue investigating the mystery of the void clouds and Ayaal’s future.


REKKEX SYSTEM: The First Hunter destroys most of the rebellious Navlaaya fleet, but the Kasnave has already escaped.


EARTH: UGA election year. Wilhelmina Becker elected president.


ALPHA CENTAURI SYSTEM: Yaratha, daughter of Xaka and Captain Iyara, is born onboard the Kasnave.



SOL SYSTEM: First Contact Day. A fleet led by First Hunter Haliaithax, pursuing the Kasnave across dark space, establishes communications with the United Global Alliance.


ATHIROVA SYSTEM: The first Athirova colony ship is completed in orbit around Ayaal, but is kept from launching for its destination to allow UGA contractors to inspect the design and provide advice.


SOL SYSTEM: The Sol Agreement is signed between the UGA Congress and the Sa-Raaya, establishing a formal pact of friendship between the two empires.


SOSTA SYSTEM: Captain Sergio Riveros is elevated to the Admiralty of the UGA fleet.


KHAZATH SYSTEM: The first interstellar Athirova colony is established on Nerthika, the third planet from the star. Citizens of the new colony are still considered to be of the Yasha caste despite being planet-dwelling, a fact that is met with more than a little unrest.


ATHIROVA SYSTEM: Taluaka becomes the new First Seeker in Xaka’s absence, commanding a new science ship known as the Tarense.


ATHIROVA SYSTEM: The UGA and the Athirova Concord sign a pact of mutual defense against the aggressions of the Yapathi Mandate.


RAKAUTHANA SYSTEM: A construction ship accidentally stumbles across the secret Navlaaya base in orbit around the asteroid TBR-233-D. The First Hunter is alerted immediately.


RAKAUTHANA SYSTEM: The First Hunter launches his assault on the Navlaaya base. Many are able to evacuate, but the facility is lost.


RAKAUTHANA SYSTEM: First Seeker Taluaka arrives to interrogate the First Hunter’s captives for information on Xaka’s whereabouts.


NORGON SYSTEM: UGA xenoarchaeologists discover Yuht listening posts on Norgon IX.


EARTH: UGA election year. Kang Hu elected president.



ITKATHA SYSTEM: The First Hunter uses intel from the Navlaaya to track down a void cloud in Itkatha and destroy it. Xaka experiences severe migraines and nightmarish visions as the void calls out to him once again, and his powers begin to re-manifest unpredictably and uncontrollably.


ANDAK SYSTEM: The Kasnave is waylaid on the tropical world Andak I after a close call with the Hunter’s fleet, which they discover to be inhabited by a neolithic species.


EARTH: UGA election year. Kang Hu re-elected.


TYXARTHA SYSTEM: First Hunter Haliaithax’s fleet is nearly wiped out when it tries to antagonize the void clouds near the star Tyxartha, but Xaka is able to telepathically communicate to the clouds and help them win. Haliaithax gains a scar and a deep hatred of the beings.


EARTH: Wilhelmina Becker dies at 75.


EARTH: UGA election year. Heidi de Stephano elected to a second, non-consecutive term.