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Loresworn Order Plays: Our KotOR II Character Builds

In case you missed it, we’re replaying Knights of the Old Republic II as the first part in a series on excellent games with stories that were memorable and inspiring to us. We invite you to play along, and this weekend is your last chance to finish the Peragus segment and send us your comments before we discuss it on Monday, August 17. D.M. and T.J. have created two, fairly different Jedi Exiles…

D.M.’s Jedi Exile

DM Jedi

Name: Jax Vex
Sex: Male
Class: Jedi Guardian
Alignment: Light Side playthrough, baby!

Build Notes: The bruiser, the tank, patently broken… all words that describe how I can and will build a Guardian in a Star Wars RPG. With a lightsaber in each hand and every single feat with “lightsaber” in the name, Jax will be able to do ludicrous amounts of damage in seconds. Tack on some Force Speed and Flurry, season with some Battle Meditation for taste, and he’ll be doing 200+ a round very early in the game. Is it fair? Probably not, but we’re here to talk about the story of an Obsidian game. My PC hacking up rancors and shit like they owe him money is just window dressing.

T.J.’s Jedi Exile

Rya Jedi

Name: Rya Karthanien (Shout out to the four of you who will get that reference)
Sex: Female
Class: Jedi Consular
Alignment: [Force Persuade] You don’t need to ask about my alignment

Build Notes: Back in the day, I used to build characters almost identical to what D.M. is playing: Ridiculous damage-dealing Guardians with sabers flashing. For this replay, I went the complete opposite direction. Rya is a support-oriented Force caster, and the first powers I took for her were the out-of-combat Force Persuasion ones. If she can achieve her aims without ever switching her weapon on, she will. If not… well, Force Valor and Battle Meditation will make sure her allies are fighting at superhuman levels, and a salvo of crowd control abilities will turn weaker enemies into stationary non-threats for most of the fight.

Feel free to share details about your own Exile in the comments!

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