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Loresworn Order Podcast #005: Summer Smack-Down

In this episode, we in which we discuss trolls, pick teams (Iron man or Captain America of course), find out how to #makespacegreatagain and give you the run down of our top summer picks. Check out below for our lists!

Brianna’s Summer Picks: Videos for when you’re bored, Music for when you need something different
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
Aqua Sonic
The Hydraulic Press Channel

D.M.’s Summer Picks: Movies, Games and Games
Swiss Army Man
No Man’s Sky
Final Fantasy XV

T.J.’s Summer Picks: Strategy games… and a movie based on a strategy game
Hearts of Iron IV
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Chloe’s Summer Picks: Stuff to do and Stuff to scare you
Denver Comic Con and their Graduate Course
Pop Star
Don’t Breathe

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