MARA JADE - The Loresworn Order

 Feb 05, 2017 - COSPLAY

 Chloe Elizabeth

At one point, I had grand ideas of making a 501st-ready Mara Jade cosplay for Denver Comic Con 2016.  However, budget and time restrictions brought those aspirations to a halt when, at 10 p.m. the night before the con, I realized that I didn’t have time to do that and finish my Poison Ivy cosplay. So I improvised a little. Going with a little more busty and a little less military look, I was able to pull the black body suit together from leggings and a black top. A couple belts, a jump rope handle lightsaber, black gloves, and a big scrap of tan fabric for the cape made a plain black outfit into a Mara Jade costume that still got plenty of recognition on the convention floor.

Compared to my Ivy costume, this one was a dream of comfort.  Later when I got to shoot with Aaron Root, I had a chance to pull out the cowl and the pistol I had finished. How well these worked out made me realize accessories can absolutely make a costume.

Photos Courtesy of Aaron Root

Lightning stock image used under Creative Commons Licence by Brianna Hafer.

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COSPLAY_mara jade_light saber


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