POISON IVY - The Loresworn Order

 Feb 05, 2017 - COSPLAY

 Chloe Elizabeth

This was my first extensive, self-designed cosplay attempt.  I love steampunk and I wanted to try making an iconic character my own. Working on a budget helped keep the design from getting too crazy, but I did end up with several accessories that I couldn’t use.

Playing off of Ivy’s iconic passion for nature and her background as a chemist, I wanted to be sure that everything I used could, hypothetically come from nature: natural fibers for the clothing I made, copper wire, flowers not feathers or leather, and wherever possible, masking any pre-made items with leaves.  I also wanted to stay away from the “ivy leaves only” look, since that usually comes out too monochromatic (especially if you use cheap fabric ivy leaves). I also wanted to create depth through using a variety of shapes and sizes of leaves in multiple colors of green. I picked brown as a base to mimic bark and tried to play off that element in the belt as well Baby Groot was just a last minute addition because I thought the idea of Ivy capturing or growing a Groot was entertaining.

My biggest mistake in creating this costume was not giving enough consideration to comfort. The greenery I built onto the corset looked cool, but was difficult to move in, and the pointy leaves created an itchy ring around my neck.  Spending a little more time on lining and top construction could have yielded a much more wearable costume.

Photos Courtesy of Aaron Root Photography:www.arootphotography.com














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