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Project Grayson Announcement!

After much brewing in the cauldrons of our collective creativity, we can finally give a name to Loresworn’s most ambitious project so far.

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes to bring you Project Grayson: a character-driven narrative of epic scope. This is LSO’s first foray into published fiction, but it is the conclusion of a ten year journey of world building, drafts and rewrites, and character creation. To put it more simply, we want to introduce you over the next few years to our own, lovingly-crafted urban fantasy universe inspired by the likes of Buffy and Angel, the World of Darkness, and The Dresden Files. We have already developed a deep connection with this intrepid collection of characters, and we hope that telling their tales will give us yet another platform to share our love of storytelling and worldbuilding with you all.

This is more than just a first step into a new medium. This is the launch of a business model that is designed to give us financial freedom to become creators full time. Breaking into new types of content allows us to support ourselves outside of YouTube ads, freeing us up to produce more and higher quality content for everyone who has supported us thus far – and for the LSO fans of the future. We wish we could tell you more about Project Grayson now, but we can only ask for your patience and to keep an eye on this newsletter for more details.

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  • Tyler the 5th
    Oct 31, 2017 @ 3:14 am

    Sounds really fun! I loved Buffy/Angel, and have read all of the Dresden Files books that I can, so I think that this’ll end up being a really fun series. 😀


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