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Story Circle: Here There Be Monsters

This story is not like other stories.  It is a fable, written by all of us… but with only limited information.

Here’s how our Story Circle works: One of us begins the story, writing a paragraph. Then we send the last sentence of that paragraph to the next person in line, and they write a paragraph. The cycle continues until we feel we are finished. Then we compile the paragraphs into one epic, inevitably disjointed story for your reading amusement. Enjoy!

~Chloe, Brianna, D.M., and T.J.

Once upon a time there was a young prince and a young princess. They were twins, and while they were not identical, at five years of age, they shared enough features to easily fool anyone. One day, little Sara had ditched her dress for a session with the fencing instructor and young John had disappeared into the attic with his favorite book on the latest inventions of the King’s mechanic, when all of a sudden the warning bells of the keep began to sound with alarm.

He cursed and leapt to his feet. Reading for pleasure would have to wait: An alarm was never something to take lightly, and this would prove to be no exception. The keep was under attack, and all hands were needed to defend it. Though it would be a shame to waste such a technically brilliant mind, he was prepared to fight and die for his lord and his land. He would show the enemy how a mechanical genius did battle.

It is all about placement of those variously shaped plastic pieces resembling your glorious naval fleet. The middle of the pegged ocean is the most obvious point of interest for the enemy. The edges can be an advantage, and even clustering the ships into a fine line along the border can be deceiving and grant you more time to find the enemy. But once the foe reads into your eyes that they have found the peripheral gold mine, the advantage lost and the game immediately propelled into a race to defeat them before they have done the same to you. Floating on the translucent, polypropylene waters is your puzzle to create, conceal, and, depending on the strategy played, the chance to escape from being pegged red.

That is, assuming you agree to play the game at all. Not all of us do. Some simply shun the game, or put up a show for the court while privately not giving it a second care. For those hallowed few, it is merely a distraction for the unwise, at which they may as well continue to labor, lest they meddle in greater things beyond their comprehension.

…said the giant ogre mage as he looked down at the tiny adventurers at his feet. “That means get out.”

“Never!” Shouted young Sara, appearing out of nowhere. “My friends, you must not listen to his lies! This is but a trick to convince you to give up the good fight! Never give up! Never surrender! We will make this country great again! And we will rebuild the wall that this monster has torn down. We will not go softly into the night. Tonight, we dine in-“ And with that the ogre planted his foot on the princess, squishing her flat.

“As I was saying,” He rumbled, “Get out of my hall.”

Princesses made for interesting squishes: Pretty and dainty while alive, they were, in fact, just big balloons full of meat when you stepped on them. The ogre made a mental note to wash his feet thoroughly after he was done plying the pigeage against any and all intruders. A second thought gave him pause as he prepared to get back after it. What, indeed, had rendered the ogre so angry?

The rumble of his stomach echoed in the cave. This was a new experience for him as the hunt has always lead to an exciting chase filled with screams and plentiful human meat. Not today. Today the effects of the disease was apparent through the village, with bodies decaying in the street. All chances for non-tainted meat had gone with the wind. As he looked at other species as a remedy for his hunger, he soon realized that the disease was also spreading into other tasty lifeforms. As rage filled his soul over the circumstance he would have to fight for, and he became a ravaging tornado through the village looking for a way out of his pending doom.

But then a sound filled the sky unlike anything he or the villagers had ever heard before. A brilliant, technicolor light engulfed every corner of the countryside, and a magnificent alpaca clad in a king’s raiment from some august dreamscape descended before him. “You need not fear nor face strife this day,” spoke the glorious, radiant alpaca, “for I have read your destiny upon the Eternal Banana Leaves, and it speaks of a great whirlwind that will whisk you far away from here, to the boughs of the Undying Cactus, at your moment of greatest need.”

The last remaining adventurers sighed with relief. All except for Kevin, who was scratching his head. “Wait a minute. Doesn’t that mean we’re all going to die?” The glorious, radiant Alpaca smiled. His teeth were sharpened to gleaming points.

And that was the last anyone ever heard of the small band of people who had set out to do the great thing.  They did not do the great thing, but became one with the glorious, radiant Alpaca, which, in itself, is a miraculous (if messy) accomplishment. And John, the only remaining royal twin, had a long and happy reign thanks to their sacrifice.

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This post was written in collaboration between multiple staff members of the site.

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