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Review: Powerless Season 1, Episode 1: Wayne or Lose

Honestly, I can’t make up my mind about Powerless yet. For once, I agree with many of the main line TV critics out there in that the concept is great. Vanessa Hudgens plays the wide-eyed Emily, who’s moved from the country to the big city “to make a difference in the world.” She’s the new development executive at Wayne Securities in Charm City. On her first day, she discovers that she has only been hired to make her boss (Alan Tudyk) look good, and that company owner Bruce Wayne is planning to cut the entire staff. Tudyk’s character is a captial-J Jerk (and quotes a certain over-spray-tanned executive more than once). I’m excited to see the Firefly veteran in a villain role, because everything he does is hilarious.


Fall Watch List: Our Streaming Favorites

With school back in the swing of things, work piling in and the weather cooling down, free movies and shows quickly become our best friends. Need a break from the grind? Looking for a more economical date night? Pull up a sofa, pop some popcorn and check out these recommendations you can stream right now on Netflix and Amazon Prime.


Loresworn Review: Dragonball Z: Resurrection F

I think it says a lot about me that nothing inspires nostalgia in my adult self like watching aliens get punched in the face.

I grew up on Dragonball Z. It was everything the action-obsessed preteen boy I was wanted in a cartoon: Grown men screaming, shooting energy blasts at each other, and just generally beating the tar out of anything that moved with no-brainer plots as the backdrop. It’s like animated pro-wrestling, but instead of title belts and avenging folding chair ambushes, the fate of the universe is at stake. As T.J. so aptly points out, “It’s really dumb, but you can’t help but love it.”


Loresworn Review: The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Man, Geralt gets all the girls. Hard to resent him, though. When you live a life as bleak and bloody as his, you can’t begrudge him even a little bit of sunshine and happiness.

That’s what stands out the most as you wander around CD Projekt Red’s open world epic: the Northern Realms are not a happy place. Everywhere you look, there’s war, there’s famine, there’re monsters, and there’re angry people looking to beat you up with sharp objects because of some combination of the above. Calling The Witcher III beautiful would be only be correct aesthetically, and that’s part of what makes it such an amazing experience. Here is a fantasy world that is seriously dark, and you’ve been thrown into the middle of its darkest hour. It’s fun, but it ain’t happy.


Loresworn Review: Trainwreck

Many advance critics were suggesting that the one phrase to describe the Amy Schumer/Judd Apatow summer super comedy should be “feminist gold”. Finally, everyone’s favorite snarky lady comic had her moment on the silver screen. If I had to pick one phrase, it would be “long”.