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Loresworn Review: Shadowrun Hong Kong

Harebrained Schemes has done it again. When you want a true RPG with an interesting plot and simple, fun gameplay, it can’t hurt to run the shadows.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall, Harebrained’s last entry in the turn based, isometric cyberpunk series was brilliant. A nice, suspenseful plot, fantastic characters, and a healthy amount of tugging on those RPG strings. It’s easily one of the best RPGs to come out in recent years. Does Hong Kong match those lofty heights? Does it exceed them?

Yes in some ways, no in others.


Loresworn Order Plays… Knights of the Old Republic II — Play Along With Us!

Today, we’re excited to introduce Loresworn Order Plays. Throughout the year, we’ll be playing through a whole bunch of awesome games with stories that were memorable and inspiring to us. We’ll discuss them section by section as we go, and we’d love to have you guys play along and add your thoughts.

Our first game is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. You can currently get it on Steam for $10.

You will need a couple of free mods to follow along with us…