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The Grand Galactic Timeline: Galactic Chronicles

Galactic Chronicles is an ongoing space opera based on our multiplayer campaign in Paradox’s space grand strategy game, Stellaris. Events and characters, while embellished heavily in some cases, are based on actual events and characters encountered during gameplay. To help you better navigate the unfolding events of the galaxy, we’ve created the Grand Galactic Timeline, which can also be found by scrolling down on the main Chronicles page.

Events for which there are already full-length entries will include an image and a link to that entry. As of this posting, the timeline encompasses everything up to about the 2230s, but will continue to be updated with new events and eventually include everything that has happened in the stream – and then some! Keep in mind that the way we write Chronicles is non-linear, so expect new events to pop up before, after, and in-between the current entries. This is a living galaxy, and there’s nothing to say we won’t write a story about, say, one of the Fallen Empires set thousands or millions of years ago! Some planned entries have already been marked on the timeline with “Decrypting Entry – Watch This Frequency.”

We hope you enjoy seeing the chronology all laid out for you. Let us know in the comments what other info you’d like to have on Galactic Chronicles, and how we can improve the experience.

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