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Loresworn Gaming takes a deep, RP narrative approach to AARs (After Action Reports) and Let's Plays. Rather than just playing strategy games and RPGs, we try to create a sense of a real world with history and complex characters all along the way. We also seek to explore interesting historical and social issues related to the games we play that are often taken for granted, like what actually happens when you're raiding or colonizing a province.

Our main focus is on grand strategy – particularly games made by Paradox Development Studio (Crusader Kings II, Europa Universalis IV, Victoria II, Hearts of Iron IV, and Stellaris), and the Total War series from Creative Assembly. We also sometimes play RPGs, management games, and horror games.

T.J. Hafer is the host of Loresworn Gaming. He is a freelance writer for outlets like PC Gamer, IGN, Strategy Gamer, PCGamesN, and others. He is also well-known for creating a humor series, "What The Patch Notes Actually Mean" on reddit.

The Order

D.M. Schmeyer


D.M. Schmeyer has a lifetime passion for story – and a life full of stories. He is a trained actor, a political volunteer, a stand up comedian and a martial artist. A voracious reader, his tastes have always varied from hard-core history to high fantasy, biography to poetry. This breadth of experience and depth of interest gives him a powerful voice as an emerging writer. Schmeyer is an esteemed graduate of two universities, having earned a B.A. from the University of Denver, and a J.D. from Golden Gate University, and is an attorney in the state of Colorado. When he’s not writing or working, he loves relaxing with friends and playing games (Good stories are a must!)

"I fell in love with storytelling at the youngest possible age, when memory is fluid and hazy and the written word is only just crystallizing into language. Since the day I learned to read and socialize, I've been enjoying stories written by others and attempting to write my own. Here at the Loresworn Order, I get to share my love of storytelling with everybody else who shares my passion. It's incredible."

"A lot of my stories grew out of the table top games I used to play with my buddies, and the content dreamed up during wonderful laps around the playground. I write to share that imagination. I want my readers to walk away with something that's unique and fresh. I don't need to change the world; I just want to give people a fun escape - an afternoon someplace fantastic."

Photography by Leonard Row

The Order

T.J. Hafer


Some say T.J. Hafer is actually a 1200-year-old, immortal Viking Warlord posing as an author, editor, and video games journalist for the past several years. Some others say he's full of it. He, himself, declines to comment on the subject.

Hailing from the foot of the Rocky Mountains, T.J. has spent most of his life crafting worlds and stories, drawing inspiration from his love of fantasy, science fiction, video games, roleplaying, and history. His biggest genre influencers include Tolkien, George R. R. Martin, Patrick Rothfuss, Joss Whedon, and Garth Nix.

He's most active on the Order's YouTube channel, where he produces daily videos based mostly on the grand strategy games from Paradox Interactive. You may also know him as the guy who rewrites patch notes on reddit, and/or the creator of the Crusader Kings Chronicle on

T.J. is a co-creator of the Beyond setting, and the mastermind behind the Spheres and Apocalypse 1780 universes.

The Order

Chloe Elizabeth

Master Bard

Chloe Elizabeth is a Colorado native who lost her heart to California. Ever since she can remember she's been organizing peple into dramatic story presentations of one kind or another. After attending the University of Denver for Russian Language, she packed up her entire life and went to Los Angeles to pursue a life of film.

Since then she has worked on short films, feature films, and commercials as a producer and actor. She also dabbles in theater when the opportunity arises and has a particular love of musicals. Off stage, Chloe is an award winning screen writer with a passion for mentoring young writers and filmmakers.

Her love of film and the arts, and her experience as a tutor and curriculum developer have led her to partnering with many non-profits focused on empowering students through arts-integrated education. Most recently, Chloe is working with the Denver-based Pop Culture Classroom helping with their curriculum development and Denver Comic Con.

In Chloe's spare time, she’s lighting up the dance floor with swing moves, and planning new cosplay experiments, many of which are featured here.

Photo by Wicked Photography Studio

The Order

Brianna Hafer

Master Artisan

Brianna Hafer is The Order’s resident “Jill of All Trades” and the quietest of the bunch. By day, she is a professional vampire (plasmapheresis phlebotomist), and by night she transforms into a tinkerer, handywoman, and artisan. A proficient photographer, graphic designer, painter, seamstress, metal/wood worker, and an aspiring blacksmith, you are likely to find her working with her hands, snapping photos out the window of a speeding car, or enlisting the help of her husband and fellow Order master to carry a trove of shells, tree parts, or other organic materials from the outdoors back for craft projects.

Brianna is the only Colorado transplant in the group, having grown up in Northern California’s Santa Cruz Mountains. She usually skipped other classes to play in her high school’s metal shop and CNC machining rooms. Her vast knowledge of hardware, plumbing, and tools grew from working on job sites with her father and in hardware retail for 9 years. She is quick to tell you what is wrong with your car and how to fix the broken kitchen sink, and her love for traveling (especially to Norway) has inspired her to learn Norwegian. She hopes to continue collecting more tattoos, filling up more hard drives with photography, and continuing to learn about new crafts and cultures.

Brianna creates all the graphics, maintains the website, produces the Loresworn Checks In series, and is a co-creator of the Lorebratory.

last but not least...

The Order

Kaycee Hafer


Intrepid. Fearsome. Cunning. Obsessed with cheese.

One of these four things describes Kaycee the Loredog. (It’s the cheese one.) As the official unofficial mascot of The Order, Kaycee provides moral support and unceremonious background noise in almost anything we try to record. She enjoys chasing bunnies, squirrels, and geese at the reservoir outside the Lorehouse, and hates baths, fireworks, and when T.J. won’t drop everything during a Crusader Kings stream to pay attention to her.

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