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The Second Age of the Loresworn Order

It’s a time of transitions for all of us. When we launched LSO over three years ago, we had many different ideas of what it was going to be. And for better or worse, we tried to force it to be all of them. While we remain close friends and stalwart allies, it became clear that all of the projects each of us have in the pipeline are too diverse and too ambitious to fit under a single heading.

So now, the Second Age dawns and we’re transitioning The Loresworn Order to be more of a loose guild of associated creative types, with each of us free to build our own brands and pursue our own passions. We’ll wear our allegiance to this banner like a secretive signet ring, and we plan to still collaborate frequently.

Much of the content you’re used to seeing from us is being spun off into the LORESWORN GAMING brand, which T.J. has taken over fully besides graphics, and will be running with its own channel, branding, and funding model. This will include things like our YouTube videos, Twitch streams, empire build guides, and Games of the Year articles. The other LSO members will still appear from time to time as contributors to this new adventure.

Other things we’ve done in the past like cosplay, Lorecipes, short fiction, and vlogs may be getting new homes with their own branding soon – but we’ll be sure to let you know how to find them!

The end of an era can always bring mixed feelings, and we won’t all be living in one, big Lorehouse anymore, so it definitely feels like the tides are changing. But the best bit of news is that you’ll soon be seeing a lot more awesome creations and higher quality productions from all four of us. It may just be a little more spread out.

We will be pausing the Lorepost in order to handle the various changes and moving, and will resume early 2019 with information on when we are finally launching a Loresworn Gaming Patreon! Expect lots of news in January once we get settled in our new living situations. If you would like to catch our next Lorepost, you can sign up here!

Thanks for all your encouragement and support over the years. Now, onward to a brighter, more glorious age!

What We’re Up To: T.J.

What games/movies/books/TV have you been enjoying lately?

I’m extremely Back On My Bullshit with Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury, and may end up playing *another* 1000 hours of my favorite game. I’m still making my way through Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States, one of the five books I wish every American would read. There you go, Crusader Kings and socialism. What more can you ask from a T.J. Hafer interview?

What have you been working on lately that you are really proud of?

Loresworn Chronicles: Crusader Kings has been a long time coming and I’m so excited to work on it that it’s hard to describe. I’m also working on my NaNoWriMo novel, a dark fantasy adventure in an original universe where the dead have always risen and different societies have had to develop different ways of dealing with this throughout the ages.

What upcoming projects are you excited to start?

The Loresworn Gaming Patreon is coming early next year – FOR REALS! The various milestones are directly designed to help me not have to spend so much time working for The Man so I can spend more time on creative projects, which will enable me to make some really, really cool stuff I’ve had in my head for ages but never found the time to do.

Who is the best Crusader King?

ACAB – All Crusaders Are Bastards

But also it’s Tancred.

What We’re Up To: Chloe

What games/movies/books/TV have you been enjoying lately?

I can feel my inner critic getting antsy. There are some spectacular shows and movies with strong female protagonists, and some that are just cashing in on a much overdue cultural shift. I’m also rewatching King of the Hill with D.M. for some much needed deflating on busy work nights. Lots of great scary stuff came out this year too, notably Unsane, Hereditary, and Overlord.

What have you been working on lately that you are really proud of?

I’m taking on a novel this year for NaNoWriMo. It’s a challenge, but seeing the story become more than just notes is exiting!  I’m also getting ready for a Scarlet Witch, Qi’ra, and medieval Princess Leia cosplay shoot!

What upcoming projects are you excited to start?

Really, I should finish what I’ve got… but I’ll probably start reviewing some TV here because there is so much to be said! I’m also going to be digging in to the business consulting with D.M. because I absolutely love working with people to unlock their passions. Owning my time and making a difference to emerging business leaders is a long-time dream that’s going to provide the network we need to make our television goals a reality!

What We’re Up To: D.M.

What games/movies/books/TV have you been enjoying lately?

I’ve been making a point of reading the longer fiction of some of my favorite short fiction authors. Recently, I completed The Fisherman by John Langan and The Croning by Laird Barron and enjoyed both novels tremendously. I’ve been proudly and adoringly rewatching King of the Hill as it has now returned to a streaming service, and have been playing mostly the games I’ve been reviewing while enjoying the remasters of some beloved titles like Dark Souls, Zone of the Enders, and Kingdom Hearts.

What have you been working on lately that you are really proud of?

My book progresses, at, finally, an appreciable pace now that I’ve taken some control over my professional situation. I really think it’ll be an enjoyable read once finally completed. I’ve also entered several screenplay competitions, and the work product pursuant to those has been, if I do say so myself, not half bad.

What upcoming projects are you excited to start?

2019 is going to about leaning into my consulting business and my career as a writer. I’ve taken something of a plunge, so now it’s sink or swim!

Will we see you again?

Of course! While I’m doing my own thing in my own spaces, I’ll certainly still be around. T.J. and I have a lot more Kaiserreich to play together, methinks.

What We’re Up To: Bri

What games/movies/books/TV have you been enjoying lately?

Contrary to the rest of the Order, you will rarely see me sit down to read or watch anything. It is not that I do not like to read or watch TV, I just prefer to make things with music playing and I have a hard time sitting still. =) I do, however, listen to a lot of music, and besides my usual metal, lately I have been bouncing around between Royal Thunder, Eivør, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Shpongle (Tales of the Inexpressible!), Gogol Bordello, and a variety of gypsy/swing/jazz.

What have you been working on lately that you are really proud of?

Part of the reason I have not been active with the channel this year is that I have been in welding school since May and am about to graduate in December! I have been learning the TIG/MIG/SMAW welding processes on open root and fillet welds. I am extremely proud to be a really decent welder and even for getting the highest grade in my TIG class of 20+ students! Besides that, I am very proud of the photoshop collage work I am doing for Chloe’s Wonder Woman cosplay photoshoot (finals will be posted in a later-determined spot once finished!) I did not have the skills for this level of work when we started LSO, so these images are reminding me the progress that comes from practice!

What upcoming projects are you excited to start?

Blacksmithing!!! One of my longest career dreams is to blacksmith, and I am utilizing my welding skills to help fund the ginormous amount of tools and materials it is going to take to get to a Master Smith level. Early 2019 is going to house the building of the first LSO forge/studio, playing with various projects, welding art, and beginner forging. I do intend on connecting my metalwork with LSO to hopefully inspire others to make things and help keep the trades alive! All this metalworking will be housed under a new personal brand (probably a side channel and website) that will coincide with my photography and other creative endeavors. I am extremely excited to see how this year is going to unfold!

Knock Knock. Toph? Are you alive?

I 1000% will finish this cosplay! Trust me, I want to see the final result too! Toph is a dear character to me and actually working on her cosplay inspired me to get back into playing with metal. It takes a lot of effort and time to make the cosplay, shoot video, and edit. Helping start LSO has taught me over the years how important self care is with balancing what you want to do and what life requires you to do instead. Toph, along with many other projects, had to be put on pause for a moment and I am looking out for when I can pick this back up and do this cosplay some justice!

What We’re Up To: Kaycee the Loredog

Kaycee just got over a shoulder injury caused by being a doofus and is back to her normal, princess self. She still enjoys begging for people food, begging for her full water bowl to be changed out because she drank from it once and it’s not as fresh anymore, begging for more walks when she has already been on a number of them already, and begging to be let out on the deck so she can keep an eye on the rabbits. It’s also the time of year for her to eat lots of snow, one of her favorite winter treats!

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