Viking's Log: February 7 - April 8, 2016 - The Loresworn Order


Viking’s Log: February 7 – April 8, 2016

Viking’s Log is T.J.’s ongoing audio blog on Soundcloud. Each episode is between four and ten minutes, and covers topics mainly relating to gaming and pop culture. This batch was recorded between February 7 and April 8, 2016.

Viking’s Log 001: Total War Preorders

Viking’s Log 002: Pokemon Turns 20

Viking’s Log 003: Nerfing World Empires in EU4 is GOOD!

Viking’s Log 004: Why Does T.J. hate MOBAs?

Viking’s Log 005: Hopes and Thoughts on the World of Darkness

Viking’s Log 006: Total War Delay and the New CK2 Dev Team

Viking’s Log 007: RIP Everquest Next

Viking’s Log 008: Disease in Historical Strategy Games and Storytelling vs Winning

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About T.J. Hafer

T.J. (@AsaTJ on Twitter) is a co-founder of The Order and co-developer of the Beyond setting, story, and characters. He is probably best known for his work at IGN and PC Gamer, including the Crusader Kings Chronicles, and rewriting EU4 patch notes to address their *real* meaning on Reddit.

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