WOLVES OF THE NORTH - The Loresworn Order

"I saw it in a dream. The Irminsul cut, burned, and scattered. The great temple at Uppsala dismantled to the paving stones. The signs of the Cross and Moon standing proudly over all Midgard and its shackled sons and daughters. Our ways, forgotten. It was but a dream. But it was a dream that will come to pass if you do not lead your people. Let not the dead of all future generations slip into some pleasant oblivion while Valfather's hall falls silent and Surtr laughs in Muspellheim. Victory or nothingness. There is no choice."
-Thorolfr's saga

Wolves of the North is a multimedia alternate history of Earth, diverging from our timeline in the year 769 with a third Great Prophet rising among the Norsemen to steer the ship of Western civilization onto a new course. The characters and events will be generated through a "megacampaign" that follows a consistent reality through Crusader Kings 2 (769 - 1444), Europa Universalis 4 (1444 - 1821) and Victoria 2 (1821 - 1935). The entries will be presented in the format of a history course detailing how events in Scandinavia in the 8th Century changed the world forever, including fictionalized primary sources, snippets of interpretive texts written by in-universe scholars, audio lectures, maps, and other custom images.

Look for the first entry later this year, and regular behind-the-scenes featurettes to commence with the release of Crusader Kings 2: Monks and Mystics.